Machine of Sanitary Napkin to Exclude the Main Measures of Electronic Equipment Electrical Interference

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 The advent of the information age, people's lives can not be separated from electronic equipment. In order to effectively ensure that the machine of sanitary napkin can provide stable and normal operation, it is necessary to choose effective methods to effectively eliminate the problem of interference in electronic equipment in accordance with the actual situation. This requires the type and characteristics of the interference endured as the basis for the effective selection of the most appropriate anti-interference program, in addition, can also be an organic combination of different measures to reduce the electrical interference encountered to ensure its normal operation.

machine of sanitary napkin

1. Machine of sanitary napkin main anti-interference way

Shielding anti-interference

Want to machine of sanitary napkin for normal production, you need to solve the emergence of electrical interference, electrical interference mainly through electricity and magnetism caused by interference, so usually the method used is shielding, the shielding equipment placed around the electronic equipment, the electromagnetic energy of the equipment interference, but also to ensure that mechanical equipment is not affected. The advent of the information age, the widespread use of electronic equipment, the use of shielding to combat interference is the most common method. Because of the different environments, in order not to affect the normal work of other equipment, so there are also different methods of anti-interference. Commonly used anti-interference methods are electrostatic, double-layer, preparation, metal spacer, etc. Shielding anti-interference mainly works to suppress electromagnetic interference, the magnetic field will have high frequency and low frequency, it is stronger in the low frequency magnetic field anti-interference ability, the effect is better. Highly conductive magnetic material is mainly used in the shielding body with low resistance, which will be placed in it, it can interfere and shield the signal. Highly permeable material is an important raw material for making composite shielded cable, it consists of three layers, the innermost is composed of copper ferromagnetism, the middle layer is composed of ferromagnetism but with high permeability, and the outermost layer is composed of low permeability ferromagnetism but also to meet high saturation. As each layer is set up to interfere with the magnetic sheet, when it carries out work, the interference signal will also become weaker and weaker, so as to achieve the effect of interference with the magnetic field, and finally shield the signal.

Grounding anti-interference

This anti-interference method is mainly effective in the future to ensure that electronic equipment can be used effectively, the way to effectively prevent power interference affecting the machine of sanitary napkin, but also to avoid the occasional voltage shock damage to electronic equipment. Grounding anti-interference system mainly contains system ground, shielding ground, AC ground, protection ground, etc., but because the grounding is very confusing, will inevitably cause direct impact on the orderly operation and safety of the silk and soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin machinery.

sanitary napkin production line

2. Silk and soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin equipment other anti-interference way

Filtering anti-interference

We can also use filtering anti-interference. It works by relying on the filter to remove the wave point in the signal. The application is generally for low and medium frequencies. The filter mainly filters the wavelengths of the signal and consists of resistors and other parts. Filters will be divided into many kinds, according to the signal band into low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop. According to the signal processed, it can be divided into analog and filtering. With the continuous development of science and technology, the widespread use of electronic equipment, silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin machine work environment is also more complex than before, interference is also strengthening, so high-frequency filtering is also widely used. Its biggest advantage is to protect the shield from penetration.

Electrical isolation anti-interference

There is another way to avoid being subjected to electrical interference, that is, electrical isolation, electrical isolation is to isolate the electronic equipment from the wire, thorough isolation makes machine of sanitary napkin can operate normally, pulse transformers, photoelectric devices consisting of electronic equipment.

Silk and soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin equipment normal orderly operation will be electrical interference to produce serious impact, thus the need to actively take effective anti-interference through continuous exploration of interference sources and transmission paths, so that silk and soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin equipment can operate normally.

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