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HD1200 Machine for making sanitary pads
machine for making sanitary pads
sanitary pad machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HAINA
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: HD1200-machine for making sanitary pads
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:1 SET
Packaging Details:Film wrapped
Delivery Time:150 Days
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:72 SETS / YEAR
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sanitary pad machine 

machine for making sanitary pads

The machine for making sanitary pads is a device designed to manufacture disposable feminine hygiene products. It is equipped with advanced technologies that enable it to produce hygienic and absorbent pads with high efficacy. The machine is user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective, making it an ideal solution for sanitary pad manufacturers.
The main components of the machine include a raw material dispenser, cutting equipment, absorbent core formation unit, and packaging system. The dispenser releases the raw materials such as absorbent polymer, pulp, and other materials required for pad production. The cutting equipment ensures the precise dimensions of each pad while the formation unit ensures the absorbency and integrity of the pad.

The machine can produce pads of different sizes and thicknesses allowing for customization based on customer preferences. It operates at a high speed and can produce a large number of pads within a short period of time. With the increasing demand for sanitary pads globally, the machine for making sanitary pads is a breakthrough innovation that is indispensable in the production of high-quality disposable feminine hygiene products.

Best sanitary pad machine+Auto Bagger



Design Speed:


Stable Working Speed:


Rejection Rate:




Power Source:


Machine Capacity:


Air Pressure:


Machine Weight:

50 tons

Factors influencing the quality management of Best sanitary pad machine maintenance

Due to the long-term operation of the Best sanitary pad machine, it is inevitable that various failures will occur. Through mechanical maintenance, defects are repaired, functions are improved, and normal operation is ensured. Maintenance quality management plays a decisive role in the operation status and economic benefits of equipment after maintenance. It is necessary to strengthen the quality management during maintenance, improve the maintenance level, and ensure the integrity rate of the equipment.

HD1200-machine for making sanitary pads

No. Raw materials
1 Topsheet NW
2 Fluff pulp
4 Backsheet
5 Back release paper
6 Pouch film
7 Easy tape
8 Airlaid paper
9 Construction glue
10 Position glue
machine for making sanitary pads

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HAINA Is Professional Manufacturer Of HD1200 Machine for making sanitary pads In China,
The company was founded through one group of technicians and designers with experience in the production of machines for baby diapers,
incontinence adult diapers, lady sanitary napkins and panty liners.
Stable Performance
Advanced Technology
Quality Assurance
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Efficiency analysis and improvement
We analyze your production process to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, providing recommendations for improvement to optimize your diaper machine's performance.
Quality certification
Our factory obtain certification for their materials to demonstrate compliance with specific standards or requirements.
optimization and upgrades
Our experts can optimize the performance of your diaper machine and provide upgrades to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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   Feminine Napkin Machine has exceeded my expectations in every way

Kimberly S  2024-05-31

As a small business owner, I appreciate the durability and performance of this machine. Feminine Napkin Machine has exceeded my expectations in every way.
   The Feminine Napkin Machinehigh-quality products consistently

Rachel W  2024-05-31

The Feminine Napkin Machine is a game-changer for our business. It's efficient, reliable, and produces high-quality products consistently
   this Feminine Napkin Machine is unmatched

Emily T  2024-05-31

The quality of the feminine napkins produced by this Feminine Napkin Machine is unmatched. Our customers have given us great feedback since we made the switch
   This Feminine Napkin Machine is a workhorse!

Jessica S  2024-05-31

This Feminine Napkin Machine is a workhorse! It's reliable, efficient, and has become an essential part of our production line
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