Mechanical management of sanitary napkins machine manufacturers

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The management of sanitary napkins machine manufacturers includes use, repair, maintenance and technical transformation. Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, this paper summarizes the experience from the actual work and explores the scientific and reasonable management, so as to improve the utilization rate of factory equipment, reduce the failure rate, save energy and increase efficiency, and improve the economic benefits of the factory. I hope it can bring you some inspiration.


1. sanitary napkins machine manufacturers Establish a perfect equipment management responsibility system

First of all, it is necessary to establish a management responsibility system, namely: factory director → factory level competent leader → management department → grass-roots competent leader → administrator → operator, clarify the responsibilities of personnel at all levels, and establish a management assessment and accountability system. Secondly, improve the management system, formulate various operating procedures, and clarify the supervision and implementation of competent departments and responsible personnel at all levels.

2.sanitary napkins machine manufacturers Formulate equipment management objectives and basic requirements

1. Main objectives of equipment management

mechanical management of sanitary napkins machine Formulate the two main objectives of "intact rate" and "failure shutdown rate", and establish tracking, inspection, assessment and other records for traceability.

2. Basic requirements for equipment management

mechanical management of sanitary napkins manufacturers According to the management objectives, it is necessary to clarify the following points:

(1) The machine is clean and tidy. All accessories, auxiliary tools, use tools and processed workpieces shall be placed reasonably; Keep clean around the machine; The internal and external pipelines and lines of the machine shall be clearly arranged and clearly marked; There is no air leakage and oil leakage at each connection point.


(2) Lubrication. Fill or change the oil regularly according to the machine instructions (the oil quality meets the specifications of national standards and technical requirements), and keep the oil continuously without dry grinding. All oil filling points should be kept clean, the oil standard should be smooth, the oil pressure should be normal and the oil circuit should be smooth.


(3) Safe. Strictly implement the safe operation specifications and use the machine correctly. All safety devices shall be effectively guaranteed. Assess the personnel responsible for the regular maintenance of the machine, and their performance effect is linked to the management responsibility system and the economic benefits of the factory, so as to promote their enthusiasm and better complete the maintenance tasks. Strictly implementing the maintenance and operation procedures can prolong the service life and ensure safe and stable operation. Carry out regular inspection, i.e. spot inspection, and carry out corresponding inspection and maintenance with the help of testing tools and instruments according to the formulated maintenance and repair process specifications on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The precision inspection and initial assembly precision compound shall also be carried out for the large precision and thin machine.

sanitary napkins machine manufacturers the equipment produced is relatively expensive, so the company must establish an equipment management responsibility system to reduce losses and improve benefits, so that the company can gain profits. It is not because the unclear responsibility leads to the continuous accumulation of small problems, which eventually leads to major mechanical failure and economic damage.

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