Ways to Improve Corrosion Resistance of Nappies Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-06

The equipment corrosion problem exists in all industries, and corrosive media are common in nappies machine. nappies machine will be more corrosive than the general industry equipment. In the diapers industry, equipment tends to corrode faster than in other industries

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1. Scientific design of nappies machine process and structure

Nappies machine process design can directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, and there is a close relationship between the anti-corrosion performance of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the scientific rationality of the best nappy machine process design, in order to protect the mechanical equipment from corrosion. In addition, the overall structure of the device also plays an important role in the anti-corrosion of the device. If there are many crevices in the nappy machine, dust and residues will enter the device along these crevices, resulting in a decrease in the anti-corrosion performance of the device. In view of these situations, more attention should be paid to the design process of the mechanical equipment. When designing the appearance of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are any gaps, and to adopt a more concise design so that the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment can be completed more easily.

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2. Apply paint or coating to the surface of nappies machine equipment

The application of coatings or coatings on nappies machine surface can enhance the corrosion resistance of mechanical equipment, and can also play some other roles. For example, coatings on the surface of equipment can not only block the corrosion of corrosive materials to mechanical equipment materials, but also reduce the probability of electrochemical corrosion. In addition, anti-corrosive coatings can provide some protection for mechanical equipment. This can provide a solid guarantee for the smooth operation of mechanical equipment.

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Corrosion is a common and serious problem in the production process of diapers enterprises. The factors that can cause corrosion come from all aspects, and many factors will affect the corrosion phenomenon, which also makes the anti-corrosion work more difficult. In order to do a good job in anti-corrosive work, diapers enterprises need to make reasonable selection of manufacturing materials, improve the corrosion resistance of nappies machine by chemical methods, control the source of corrosion, design the process and structure of mechanical equipment scientifically, and coat or coat the surface of mechanical equipment, so as to provide protection for mechanical equipment from corrosion hazards and guarantee the good operation of nappy machine.

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