What Are the Solutions in the Maintenance of Sanitary Making Machine?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-07

Safety accidents occur from time to time. Many of these accidents are caused by non-standard maintenance of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the maintenance of mechanical equipment must be strengthened to ensure the safe operation of mechanical equipment. To strengthen the maintenance of sanitary napkins making machine, the following measures should be taken:


1. Use safety awareness of sanitary making machine

The government shall urge the user units of sanitary making machine to formulate and improve various rules and regulations on the use, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment and implement them effectively, and strengthen the attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

 sanitary napkins making machine

2. Strengthen the safety management of sanitary making machine

Necessary business knowledge training shall be provided to the maintenance units of sanitary making machine to comprehensively improve the maintenance quality and service level. Good mechanical equipment management is a very important factor to ensure the safe operation of mechanical equipment. The use of mechanical equipment should formulate perfect safety management, operation management and maintenance management systems according to national standards and mechanical equipment conditions, and rely on strict systems and management regulations to standardize the daily management of mechanical equipment and ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. The mechanical equipment management personnel shall properly keep the keys of the mechanical equipment hall door, machine room and control cabinet, ensure that the drivers and maintenance personnel participate in the training in time, work with certificates, and continuously improve their business level; Establish technical archives of mechanical equipment and prepare procurement plan for spare parts; Establish the management, use, maintenance, service and repair system of mechanical equipment of the unit; Have a general understanding of the technical data, installation, repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment.

 sanitary napkins making machine

3. Establish the maintenance system of sanitary making machine

In order to ensure the safe, reliable and comfortable operation of the sanitary making machine, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans shall be made for the mechanical equipment, and inspection shall be conducted once a day. Organize the maintenance of mechanical equipment according to the maintenance plan, record and sign each maintenance, and conduct regular maintenance to ensure normal and reliable operation. Regularly lubricate all lubricating parts of mechanical equipment as required. The safety components of mechanical equipment and safety facilities of main machinery shall be maintained as required to ensure their sensitive action, and the electrical components shall be checked for flexibility and reliability. Check the connecting piles and fastening elements of mechanical equipment as required, and check the parameter dimensions of relative motion devices and electromechanical coordination parts to confirm whether there is any change. Check the wear of moving parts, and repair or replace them in case of serious wear. Every 3-5 years, all safety facilities and main parts shall be comprehensively disassembled and cleaned, wear conditions shall be detected, and major and medium maintenance time limit shall be determined or replaced according to wear degree and actual service conditions.


4. Formulate safety operation procedures for sanitary making machine

A qualified mechanical equipment repairman, in addition to fully understanding the working principle of the sanitary making machine, must also have good mechanical operation ability, have a considerable understanding of the electrical principle, and understand the electronic technology and be able to apply some basic functions. At present, it is required to master certain programmable control principle, digital circuit, microelectronic technology principle and application, and understand the principle and application of single chip microcomputer at a deeper level. The maintenance unit shall establish the professional technical files of the maintenance personnel, conduct irregular inspection on the maintenance quality of the maintenance personnel, establish a maintenance responsibility system, and improve the sense of responsibility of the maintenance personnel.

 sanitary napkin production line

Most of the faults of sanitary making machine are caused by poor maintenance. To solve these problems, it is necessary to improve the safety awareness of users of sanitary napkin production line, strengthen the safety management of mechanical equipment, establish the maintenance system, formulate the safety operation procedures for maintenance personnel, and implement the regular inspection system for mechanical equipment.

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