Maintenance of Machine to Make Sanitary Pads

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The pace of informatization accelerates the production efficiency, and also increases the demand for machine to make sanitary pads. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment at ordinary times, you may be too quick to achieve. Here are some methods related to the maintenance and repair of machine of sanitary napkin.

 machine to make sanitary pad

1. Quality problems of machine to make sanitary pads

Quality is the premise and foundation for the use of machinery in the maintenance of machine to make sanitary pads. During the long-term use of machinery, the internal parts of the machinery are worn, the clearance increases, the coordination changes, the static and dynamic balance of the machinery is damaged, the working stability, reliability and efficiency of the machinery are significantly reduced, and even permanent damage to some assemblies and parts will be caused. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of mechanical equipment for the maintenance of machinery, strictly implement various rules and regulations, and formulate the annual maintenance plan, quarterly maintenance plan and monthly maintenance plan of machinery according to the use and intactness of mechanical equipment in recent years, which shall be responsible and inspected by a specially assigned person. The maintenance of machinery shall be carried out on time and level by level, and the maintenance shall be tested regularly, And carefully make the maintenance records of the machinery.


2. Daily operation of machine to make sanitary pads

An important point of machine to make sanitary pads management is to check the mechanical equipment before startup. Patrol inspection was carried out during operation. The operating procedures were strictly implemented in the work. Eliminate the faults and hidden dangers of mechanical equipment, solve the problems of the machine, and ensure that the mechanical equipment does not run with diseases. The mechanical equipment was comprehensively inspected after shutdown. After the end of the day's work, "routine maintenance" and "cross operation" were carried out on the mechanical equipment. Finally, the operation records must be filled in.

 machine of sanitary napkin

3. Regular safety inspection of machine to make sanitary pads

Do a good job in the safety of machine to make sanitary pads, check and verify the machinery regularly and irregularly, and rectify the hidden dangers in time. The operators strictly implemented the "three inspection" system as required during the operation of mechanical equipment: pre work inspection, in-service inspection and post work inspection, ensuring the normal operation of all mechanical parts. Eye catching safety signs shall be set around the machinery to remind people to pay attention to safety and how to take emergency measures in case of accidents. Formulate equipment scrapping plan according to the technical status of the equipment, scrap the equipment whose service life has ended in time, and do not use the obsolete and scrapped equipment.

The machine to make sanitary pads shall be well protected. The machinery parking site shall meet the safety requirements and the parking position shall be reasonable. It can adapt to the space required by the mechanical movement, and the surrounding environment does not pose a danger to the mechanical movement. The site is flat and solid, and machinery can enter and leave, which is convenient for evacuation in case of emergency. Fire fighting equipment shall be reasonably arranged, and warning signs shall be set around and at the entrance and exit of machinery. The equipment shall be well maintained in winter. In summer, equipment shall be well protected against flood and lightning. Do a good job in equipment fire prevention and anti-theft throughout the year.

 sanitary making machine

Machine to make sanitary pads safety management is the focus of management and the primary condition for completing production tasks. Only by doing well in the management of sanitary making machine can accidents be eliminated or reduced and better economic benefits be created.

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