Nappies Machine Repair Status and Maintenance

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With the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of production, production machinery has become a key factor affecting the production schedule, quality and cost. Ensure nappies machine often in good condition, improve utilization, extend service life, has been an important part of the production enterprises to improve economic efficiency and enhance competitiveness. The best nappy machine required for production and construction is also an important guarantee to ensure that production development can be carried out normally and smoothly.

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1. The current situation of nappies machine maintenance

(1) the nappies machine management and maintenance of the importance of insufficient awareness, short-term behavior in the use of equipment, equipment operating with disease, parts over the limit of wear and tear, especially the neglect of the necessary maintenance of equipment work. The result is an increase in equipment failure, shorten the service life and reduce the economic benefits. Repeated repair of backward equipment, without the necessary technical transformation, not only increased maintenance costs, and difficult to restore the original performance and accuracy, more unable to compensate for the corresponding multiple losses, which will hinder technological progress, can not adapt to the needs of production development.

(2) mechanical maintenance is still in a scattered backward state of manual work. Production enterprises have a large mobility of equipment, often due to the required parts are not in stock, no parts in the local market, inconvenient transportation, can not be purchased in time to accessories, extending the downtime of machinery.

(3) on-site maintenance, the judgment of mechanical failure is mainly based on experience, relying on the senses to determine the fault site, the accuracy rate is low and difficult to determine the extent of failure.

 nappies machine

2. Nappies machine maintenance focus

(1) the preparation of nappies machine maintenance plan must be mastered production tasks, production plans, equipment conditions, has been running unit hours, maintenance cycle, maintenance operations time and other information. In order to ensure the normal operation of the site machinery, the site maintenance organization must be established. Reasonable form of organization should be based on the actual situation of production, when the production scale is larger or longer duration, can set up temporary maintenance institute, responsible for the production of equipment maintenance work; when the production volume is smaller or shorter duration or scattered work sites, can set up production repair vehicles, the organization of mobile maintenance group, tour warranty.

(2) At present, the commonly used maintenance operations are comprehensive repair method and professional division of labor operations, depending on the actual situation to choose. Generally have a single repair method and assembly interchange repair method. Single repair method repair time is long, repair quality is also unstable, only suitable for repair force is weak, repair tasks less, but the complex model repair; assembly replacement repair method is currently recognized as the best way to repair the site, is to remove the worn parts or assembly, with new or repair parts for replacement, replacement parts or assembly in the case of economic and reasonable repair, inspection after passing into storage. Using this repair method, you can cancel the repair, simplify the repair level, repair speed, short time, thus greatly improving the equipment integrity, attendance, increase the economic benefits of equipment use, but also to create favorable conditions for specialized maintenance.

3. Nappies machine repair and maintenance problems

With nappies machine technology content continues to grow, production machinery maintenance technology has also been rapid development. A variety of maintenance techniques greatly facilitate the work of maintenance technicians, making the timeliness and accuracy of maintenance greatly improved. However, the current stage of production site detection means and maintenance, repair technology is far from meeting the actual needs. But far from meeting the actual needs.

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In summary, nappies machine maintenance status quo development has many problems, and the maintenance of equipment still has a long way to go.

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