What Needs to Be Done for Sanitary Pads Machine Maintenance and Maintenance?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-11

In the current, sanitary pads machine maintenance is a rather complicated work, there are many problems that many equipment maintenance personnel do not know enough or pay attention to. Here, we will popularize the maintenance and repair of sanitary napkins machine for you.

 sanitary pads machine

1.Routine maintenance of sanitary pads machine

Sanitary pads machine routine maintenance seems simple, but many times is not paid attention to, but also the most easy to let people ignore; but many times the big problems are often accumulated by the small problems. To keep the surface of the instrument clean; to do before use to check whether the voltage, power supply is normal; in the process of use to observe the function of the instrument is normal and fill in the use of records. Develop good habits in daily maintenance to avoid damage incidents.

 sanitary pads machine

2.Maintenance work of sanitary pads machine

Sanitary pads machine failure, to do a good job before the maintenance of information collection, preparation work; including model, factory number, the time of failure, failure when there is no abnormal sound, whether there has been a sudden power failure, the instrument has not been moved and other issues.

It should be noted that in the process of dismantling mechanical equipment, pay attention to the sequence, do not use brute force to forcefully dismantle. The dismantled fastening screws, small parts, etc. should not be placed indiscriminately, but should be classified and put away to avoid loss. After the completion of equipment repair, installation, and then step by step in the opposite order to restore the original, no extra parts. Damaged spare parts should also be well marked and restored to their original state after replacement, without mistakes. After the repair work is completed, clean the surface of the instrument and turn on the power to see if it can work properly. Protection in repair engineers should always pay attention to good protection when repairing instruments, whether it is leakage or cross infection and other problems. Do not appear unnecessary accidental injury.

 sanitary napkins machine

3.Regular maintenance check of sanitary pads machine

Before the failure of sanitary pads machine through the monitoring and diagnosis of equipment status, to master the equipment has no deterioration, in order to find the signs of failure and hidden dangers, timely preventive maintenance, in order to control the occurrence of failure; after the failure, timely analysis of the causes, study countermeasures, take measures to remove the fault or improve the equipment, in order to prevent the recurrence of failure. To do a good job of equipment failure management, we must carefully grasp the causes of failure, accumulate information and data on frequent failures and typical failures, carry out failure analysis, pay attention to the study of failure rules and failure mechanisms, and strengthen daily maintenance, inspection and pre-repair. In this way, sudden failures can be avoided and gradual failures can be controlled.


At the same time, in order to meet sanitary pads machine maintenance needs and production cycle demand uncertainty, the quality of spare parts directly affect the quality of the product. It can be seen that equipment spare parts management is the most important to meet the needs of key equipment for maintenance spare parts to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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