Key Technology Analysis of Machine of Sanitary Napkin

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In the field of machine of sanitary napkin maintenance, its main characteristics are the standardization, intellectualization, networking, visualization of maintenance means and the comprehensive application and development of virtual reality technology. Driven by artificial intelligence theory and Internet technology, the control of remote monitoring and diagnosis of machine of sanitary napkin has been preliminarily realized, and is developing in the direction of openness, integration, high speed, mobility, intelligence and distribution.

 Machine of sanitary napkin

1. Summary of technology used in machine of sanitary napkin

Machine of sanitary napkin uses three-dimensional CAD system software for product modeling and design. It can carry out scheme design, part design and assembly design. It has engineering drawing function and surface design function. At the same time, it has realistic graphics generation, and can drag, rotate, translate, etc. it can also be integrated with CAE, CAPP, cam and other software, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of design.


2. Technical selection basis of machine of sanitary napkin

In order to make the design and modeling of machine of sanitary napkin more accurate and convenient, shorten the design cycle and improve work efficiency, the use of three-dimensional CAD system has incomparable advantages over two-dimensional CAD system. It is very convenient to design parts. For the designed parts, assembly design and interference inspection can be carried out, which is intuitive and convenient. At the same time, the engineering view of the designed parts and assemblies can be automatically generated by computer, Greatly improve the quotation and design speed.

 Sanitary napkins making machine

3. Development trend of machine of sanitary napkin at home and abroad

Foreign advanced manufacturers of sanitary napkins making machine have begun to adopt the CAD system design of three-dimensional solid modeling, while domestic manufacturers generally adopt the traditional design method of two-dimensional engineering drawing.


4. Main design methods and objectives of machine of sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkins making machine establishes the design model and design method based on three-dimensional solid modeling; Establish 3D solid design drawing library; Determination of accessory standards, establishment of standard drawing library and database in pipeline design: product design. Objective: the technology will reach the level of similar foreign software in 2000 in 2005.

 Sanitary napkins equipment

Machine of sanitary napkin technology will be more widely used in maintenance oriented equipment failure analysis based on integrated modeling. It can be predicted that the pre maintenance and tracking maintenance of digital equipment will become a new technical hotspot in the field of equipment maintenance with the development of manufacturing technology in China.

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