Research on Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Strategy of Machine to Make Diapers

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-05-06

With the development of the times and the progress of technology, the popularization of machine to make diapers in diaper production has liberated the labor force and greatly improved the efficiency of diaper production. However, because some enterprises do not pay enough attention to the repair and maintenance of diaper making machine, the operation state and overall performance of the equipment can not meet the needs.

 Machine to make diapers

1. Fault diagnosis of machine to make diapers

In the whole process of production and construction of diaper enterprises, machine to make diapers plays a very important role, effectively connecting various production lines or process links. If the efficiency of fault diagnosis can be improved in routine maintenance, the working level will rise significantly. Specifically, in the process of repair and maintenance, relevant personnel must comprehensively consider the following aspects: first, equipment maintenance personnel are required to carefully investigate the working environment and surrounding environment of machine to make diapers, analyze multiple factors such as equipment working position, diaper working time and equipment load, and determine whether the wear of equipment has exceeded relevant standards, Whether the load of the equipment has been unable to maintain its normal operation, etc.

Secondly, personnel should conduct in-depth analysis on the operation state and structural performance of machine to make diapers in combination with their surrounding environment, and clarify the positive significance of fault diagnosis for diaper making machine. At the same time, in the process of detecting the running state of diaper making machine in all aspects, the equipment maintenance personnel should focus on the three dimensions of equipment running stability, equipment sound and temperature, collect the information of these three aspects respectively, and take this as the benchmark to evaluate the running state of each component of machine to make diapers.

 Diaper making machine

2. Repair and maintenance of machine to make diapers

The healthy and stable operation of machine to make diapers plays an important role in the daily production and construction of diaper production enterprises. Therefore, the equipment maintenance personnel must pay more attention to the daily repair and maintenance of the equipment, and comprehensively use various technical means to judge the fault area. For example, mechanical maintenance personnel can feel the vibration degree, operation sound, temperature and smell of the equipment, and use professional tools to detect the mechanical state, sensitivity and fault degree of the device, so as to ensure that abnormal problems of equipment operation can be found at the first time.

At the same time, the repair and maintenance of machine to make diapers is also a long-term task. Therefore, on the basis of personnel quality, the enterprise should carry out routine inspection activities on a daily basis as far as possible and record all maintenance activities. Accurately analyze the motor insulation performance of diaper making machine and the connection and fastening of various parts of the equipment. Once it is found that the above factors cannot meet the daily operation needs of the equipment, you can choose to use the special lubricating oil for maintenance.

 Diaper making machinery

To sum up, the healthy and stable operation of machine to make diapers is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of diaper manufacturers. Therefore, the management of the enterprise must attach great importance to the development of daily equipment repair and maintenance, organize professionals to repair and maintain the machinery, improve the operation efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, and strengthen the macro control of the production and operation cost of the enterprise.

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