How to Establish a Scientific and Effective Management Method of Period Diaper Machine

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Period diaper machine is the carrier for the normal operation of enterprise production. The premise and basis of equipment use is daily equipment management and maintenance. Therefore, we must establish a scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, strengthen the daily management of equipment, combine theory with practice, scientifically and reasonably formulate equipment maintenance and repair plans, regularly detect the maintenance and repair conditions, and carefully make the operation and maintenance records of period diaper machine.

 Period diaper machine

1. Strengthen the daily maintenance of period diaper machine

The daily maintenance of period diaper machine refers to the daily activities of checking the equipment, cleaning components, replacing vulnerable parts and adding and replacing lubricating oil when there is no fault of the equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The work must be enforced and linked with the enterprise's reward and punishment system, reward the good and punish the bad, and mobilize the enthusiasm of construction personnel. Do a good job in maintenance. Maintenance should start from the source to prevent maintenance. Special personnel shall be arranged for inspection, which shall be recorded in detail, including the daily operation, operation time and maintenance times of the equipment, so as to analyze and judge the possible faults of mechanical equipment and eliminate the hidden dangers of faults in time and accurately.

On the surface, the enterprise needs to pay money to maintain the daily maintenance of the menstrual diaper machine, but from the overall situation and long-term interests, through the daily maintenance, the technical requirements are simple and the cost is low. At the same time, it ensures the normal operation of the equipment, reduces the wear of parts and prolongs the service life of the equipment, so that the enterprise can allocate limited resources more scientifically and reasonably, and achieve the purpose of "reducing expenditure and increasing revenue".

 Menstrual diaper machine

2. Strengthen personnel management of period diaper machine

The shorter the service life, the higher the reliability, and the longer the service life, the lower the reliability. The lower the reliability, that is, the mechanical equipment is prone to failure, the more serious the physical wear and tear of the equipment, and the greater the cost of repairing it. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the physical wear and tear of the machine and reduce the maintenance cost and other abnormal expenses within the life cycle of the equipment through the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Mechanical equipment managers should master the situation, understand the equipment performance, make scientific and reasonable maintenance plans according to the advantages and disadvantages of equipment performance and enterprise resource allocation, and manage and monitor maintenance activities and procurement activities to avoid unnecessary waste of funds.


3. Improve the maintenance management of period diaper machine

Emphasize the role of period diaper machine management and improve the data statistics system. The incoming and outgoing conditions of mechanical equipment, equipment operation, performance indicators and repair and maintenance shall be recorded in detail, so that one machine and one book can be checked. Have a high sense of responsibility and dedication in thought. Technically, we should not only understand the principle, structure and performance of mechanical equipment, but also quickly judge the cause of fault, repair and eliminate faults in time, so as to give full play to the service performance of mechanical equipment.

 Menstrual diaper equipment

As we all know, the purpose of period diaper machine management is to keep its various performance indexes in good condition, improve its productivity and utilization rate, prolong its service life, seek the most economical life cycle cost of equipment, and pursue accident-free and high efficiency through maintenance and other means in accordance with the inherent law of Mechanical equipment and the objective economic law, Finally win the enterprise benefits and social benefits.

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