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Equipment operation and maintenance procedures are technical specifications for equipment operators to correctly master the equipment operation skills and maintenance. According to the structure and operation characteristics of the equipment, as well as the requirements for safe operation, baby diaper machine manufacturers stipulates the items and procedures that equipment operators must follow in the entire operation process. and basic rules of action. The operator recognizes and implements the equipment operation and maintenance procedures, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce failures and prevent accidents.

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baby diaper machine manufacturers Equipment operation and maintenance procedures need to be done

Baby diaper equipment Basic content of equipment operation and maintenance procedures:

1) First clean up the workplace. Before starting the equipment, you must carefully check whether the positions of various handles are in empty positions, whether the operation is flexible, whether the safety devices are complete and reliable, and whether all parts are in good condition.

2) Check whether the oil in the oil pool and the oil tank is sufficient. Whether the oil circuit is clear.

3) When operating the gearbox, feed box and transmission mechanism, it must be carried out in the order and method specified in the equipment manual. 4) For equipment with a clutch, the clutch should be disengaged when starting, so that the motor can be started with light load.

5) When shifting, each shifting handle must be switched to the designated position, so that the combination is correct and the meshing is normal, so as to avoid equipment accidents.

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baby diaper machine manufacturers Post responsibility system for equipment that needs to be used

diaper machine equipment manufacturers In order to strengthen the sense of responsibility of equipment operators and avoid equipment accidents, a post responsibility system for equipment users must be established, the main contents of which include:

1) Equipment operators must abide by the system of "fixed person and machine" and "certificate operation", and strictly follow the "four requirements", "five disciplines" and equipment operation and maintenance procedures, etc., to correctly use and carefully maintain the equipment.

2. "Check the equipment" and record it carefully. Make sure to refuel before the shift, lubricate correctly, and clean, wipe, and oil in time after the shift.

3. Actively participate in the "Three Goods" and "Four Meetings" activities, and do a good job in daily maintenance, weekend cleaning and regular maintenance. Cooperate with maintenance workers to inspect and repair the equipment you operate.

4) Manage equipment accessories.

5. Conscientiously implement the shift system and fill in the shift record.


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baby diaper machine manufacturers Only by doing the above two points well, can the damage rate and accident rate of equipment be reduced and production efficiency be improved. Make yourself a maximum of diaper machine equipment manufacturers

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