Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting of Baby Diapers Making Machine

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As there are many factors that cause faults in the electrical wiring of baby diaper manufacturing machine, a variety of unpredictable faults often occur in the electrical wiring, and there is great difficulty in dealing with these faults.
In the operation of a variety of faults often occur, when encountering faults do not blindly looking for, so that not only can not quickly eliminate the fault, but will make the fault range to expand and cause serious accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand the main structure and movement form of the baby diapers making machine, power dragging and control requirements, analysis of the electrical control line, the basic unit control principle and the process production process or operation method, master the basic overhaul method, skilled, accurate, rapid and safe to find out the fault and to be removed.

baby diapers making machine

1. Investigation of electrical faults in baby diapers making machine

When a fault occurs in the baby diaper making machine, the operator should first be given a detailed understanding of the situation before the fault occurs so that the maintenance personnel can more accurately determine where the fault may occur and quickly troubleshoot it.
(1) Whether the fault occurred before, after, or during operation; whether it stopped automatically during operation or was stopped by the operator after an abnormal situation.
(2) When the fault occurred, what working state was the baby diapers making machine in, which button was pressed and which switch was toggled.
(3) What were the abnormalities before and after the fault (e.g. sound, odour, arcing light, etc.).
(4) Whether similar faults have occurred before and how they were dealt with.
(5) When listening to the fault presentation, correctly analyse and determine whether it is a mechanical or hydraulic fault, an electrical fault, or a comprehensive fault.

baby diaper manufacturing machine

2. Baby diapers making machine circuit analysis and overhaul

According to the investigation, refer to the electrical schematic diagram and the relevant technical instructions, combined with the fault phenomenon for circuit analysis, judgment, preliminary estimate of the possible parts of the fault, is the main circuit or control circuit, is the AC circuit or DC circuit, to determine the nature of the fault, gradually narrow the scope of the fault, in order to quickly identify the fault point and to eliminate.
Power failure check
Before checking, first disconnect the baby diapers making machine from the power supply and, if necessary, remove the fuse in the power distribution box to ensure safety and focus on the different nature of the fault and the possible parts of the fault.
Power on check
If the cause of the fault cannot be found after a power failure check, the baby diapers making machine can be energised for a check.
(1) Cut off the power supply to the motor, energise the control circuit, operate the button or switch and check whether the contactors and relays on the control circuit are acting normally. If the action is normal, it means the fault is in the main circuit; if it does not act or the action is not normal, it means the fault is in the control circuit. The cause should be further identified to determine the point of failure and be eliminated.
(2) Use a multimeter, clamp-on ammeter, etc. to measure voltage, current and other working parameters, compare the measurement results with normal values, analyse the cause of the fault and eliminate it.
(3) For complex electrical equipment, the circuit can be divided into a number of units and each unit should be carefully checked to prevent fault points from being missed.
(4) Disconnect all the switches, remove each fuse, then in order, insert the fuses in the parts to be checked one by one, close the switch, observe whether there is smoke, fire, fuse melting and other phenomena, and then observe whether each electrical component can act in order as required. Then observe whether the electrical components can be operated in the required sequence. It is necessary to check each item carefully so that the scope of the fault does not expand.

The normal operation of the baby diapers making machine is achieved by the coordination between the electrical circuit and the mechanical system; if the machine stops running, it may not always be due to electrical reasons, but may also be caused by mechanical problems. Therefore, if necessary, the machine should be inspected together with the mechanics.
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