Problems and Solutions in the Maintenance of Best Diaper Manufacturing Machine

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China's industry is also making little progress. The development of best diaper manufacturing machine reflects the degree of China's industrial development. In view of some problems in the management and maintenance technology of best diaper manufacturing machine in the future, this paper puts forward some suggestions to improve production efficiency.

 best diaper manufacturing machine

1.Problems in the maintenance of the best diaper manufacturing machine

(1) Some maintenance personnel in the enterprise do not have a strong sense of responsibility, and have a perfunctory attitude towards the failure of equipment, and do not fundamentally solve the failure. In addition, some maintenance personnel are not professional enough, and they are always delaying the maintenance time in order to maximize their own interests.

(2) Some enterprises don't pay much attention to the best diaper manufacturing machine system, just pretending on the surface and treating the system as a decoration, and some managers pay too much attention to immediate interests, overload the use of machinery and equipment, and don't maintain diaper manufacturing equipment according to the time and regulations. Many machinery and equipment are too old for service, and some internal components are aging and lost, but they are still in use, Therefore, it is easy to cause failures, resulting in low product quality and reduced production efficiency.

(3) The lack of professional and technical personnel is also a major problem for today's enterprises about baby diaper manufacturing machine. Some enterprises only train employees for a few months and let them take care of the maintenance of mobile phones and equipment, and their maintenance attitude is also very perfunctory. Some machines they can't repair, like to shirk their responsibilities, lazy and slippery, change filter elements and use lubricating oil irregularly, and increase the failure rate, The product is relatively damaged.

(4) Many basic employees lack relevant knowledge and understanding of the best diaper manufacturing machine, which leads to their wrong use. At the same time, due to their lack of safety knowledge, the wrong use of the machine not only causes harm to the employees themselves, but also causes certain damage to the machinery and equipment, resulting in the decline of the enterprise's efficiency.

 baby diaper manufacturing machine

2.Suggestions on problems in the maintenance technology of best diaper manufacturing machine

(1) To strengthen the management system, safety is the primary issue. Employees should have a certain understanding, and all employees are required to participate in certain professional training to cultivate their safety awareness and sense of responsibility. In addition, employees can operate correctly according to the instructions, reduce potential safety hazards and improve their work efficiency.

(2) Carry out the classification and maintenance of the correct operation of the best diaper manufacturing machine on time, carefully and strictly test the mechanical equipment that is prone to failure, cultivate the attitude of maintenance personnel to do things seriously, train a group of qualified maintenance staff with qualified professional quality, and regularly train them in the future, so that they can combine theory and practice, integrate with reality, and improve the technology of maintenance personnel, Moreover, we should do a good job in the economic guarantee of professional maintenance workers and improve the maintenance efficiency of maintenance personnel.

(3) Let all staff pay attention to maintenance, do a good job in the publicity of such work, formulate a reasonable reward and punishment system, give reasonable rewards to qualified employees, and give certain punishment to unqualified employees, improve the enthusiasm of employees for maintenance, and require all departments to cooperate with each other to strengthen the contact and communication within the company's departments.

(4) Due to the inevitable long working hours of the best diaper manufacturing machine, it is necessary to use lubricating oil regularly according to the time to reduce failures. Lubricating oil cannot be used as a substitute of inferior quality, and the use of lubricating oil must also be used in strict accordance with classification and operation.

 diaper manufacturing equipment

At present, the best diaper manufacturing machine is widely used and has various types. Both large machines and small machines should be regularly maintained to lay the foundation for the further development of China's industry.

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