Commissioning of china sanitary pad machine

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Introduction: china sanitary pad machine after completing the installation process and determining its firmness and stability, some commissioning operations should be carried out. Only after commissioning can it finally reach the corresponding conditions for putting into use. The quality of commissioning technology will directly affect the final completion of installation quality and ultimately affect the service life and safety quality of the whole china sanitary pad machine. Here are some situations that will be encountered during debugging.

1. china sanitary pad machine bearing temperature is too high, poor lubrication and insufficient cooling 

The abnormality of the bearing itself is the three major reasons for the excessive temperature of the fan bearing. This will inevitably happen during the debugging of sanitary pad machine china. Once the temperature of fan bearing is too high, commissioning shall be carried out from the following aspects:

Check the instructions given by the manufacturer. Generally, it will clearly indicate how to refuel sanitary pad machine china and how much to add. Then oil in strict accordance with this instruction, so as to ensure the proper oil filling of the bearing housing without causing the bearing temperature to be too high. In addition, sometimes the temperature is too high after filling the bearing. When this happens, it generally indicates that the amount of oil added to the bearing is too much. At this time, the temperature of the bearing will continue to rise. When the temperature rises to between 10 and 15 degrees, it will maintain a constant state, and then it will slowly decline.

Sometimes the bearing housing cannot be cooled well because of the small cooling air volume of the cooler. The solution to this problem is generally to set compressed air cooling at the bearing on the hub side.


2. china sanitary pad machine bearing vibration

One of the frequent faults in equipment operation is the vibration of fan bearing. Its harm is that it will cause the loosening of bolts, the damage of blades and the damage of casing and other parts. In serious cases, it will threaten the safe operation of the whole fan. The cause of fan vibration generally comes from itself. Uneven materials of rotating parts, poor adjustment of fan operation when load changes and other reasons will make the fan vibrate.

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3. china sanitary pad machine fan surge

The fan will have a periodic air outlet and backflow every other period of time, and this periodic behavior will lead to serious engine failure. If it is serious, it will cause fatal damage to the engine and cause great trouble for the engine to stop in the wind. Whether the engine has surged can be judged according to the different conditions of fan operation:

Whether the engine has surged can be judged by listening to whether there is noise in the air flow of the fan outlet pipe. Once the surge occurs, it will appear. When entering the surge working condition, the noise will be very obvious, and even burst.

The changes of fan outlet pressure and inlet flow can be observed. Once surge occurs, the changes of these two will increase sharply. On the contrary, under normal circumstances, the outlet pressure and inlet flow will maintain a relatively stable value.

The most direct and clear method is to observe the vibration of the body itself. Once the body and bearing have strong vibration, it indicates that they have entered the surge area, and countermeasures should be taken immediately.

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Different debugging results have a great impact on the whole china sanitary pad machine, so experienced data personnel must be allowed to do it in the process of re debugging, so as to better maximize economic benefits.

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