Problems Needing Attention in the Maintenance of Sanitary Napkins Making Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-11

Different types of sanitary napkins making machines have different functions in their applications; The system structure of machinery and equipment is different, and its characteristics will be different. When maintaining machinery and equipment, it is necessary to take corresponding maintenance measures according to the different types and design structures of machinery and equipment in the process of machinery and equipment maintenance. The maintenance shall be carried out regularly according to the relevant technical instructions of machine of sanitary napkins.

 Sanitary Napkins Making Machine

1. Check the vulnerable parts of sanitary napkins making machine

When checking the sanitary napkins making machine system, maintenance technicians should pay attention that the circuit board can not be put aside for a long time without being installed in the equipment system. The circuit board shall be placed on the machine and equipment regularly to prolong the service life of the circuit board. The brushes installed on the DC motor shall be checked regularly and replaced on time.

If the brush has been damaged, it will affect the operation of the motor and even cause serious damage to the equipment system. Therefore, to maintain the equipment system, we should attach great importance to the brush inspection of the motor and replace the damaged brush. At the same time, the equipment lathe, milling machine and so on should be checked regularly to ensure the stable operation of the equipment system.

 Sanitary Napkins Making Machine

2. Clean and cool the sanitary napkins making machine

Ensure that the operation procedures of all sanitary napkins making machine systems are implemented in accordance with the regulations, and the maintenance work shall be carried out in accordance with the maintenance regulations. Try not to open the equipment cabinet and electric cabinet of machinery and equipment during maintenance. During the operation of machinery and equipment, there will be a lot of oil gas, dust and metal powder floating in the air.

During the operation of the equipment system, there will be electromagnetic fields around it, and these pollutants will be absorbed into the interior of the machine, resulting in the decline of the insulation resistance function of components in the equipment system, insufficient contact between systems, and even damage to circuit boards and electronic components.


3. Control the running time of sanitary napkins making machine

When the sanitary napkins making machine runs continuously for a long time, it is necessary to heat the system. Especially in summer, the high ambient air temperature will make it difficult for the system to dissipate heat. In order to dissipate heat in time, some operators will open the equipment cabinet. Although the purpose of heat dissipation is achieved, the equipment system is easy to be damaged.

 Sanitary Napkins Making Machine

To sum up, sanitary napkins making machine plays an important role in the product processing of enterprises. In order to improve economic benefits, enterprises must correctly operate and maintain machinery and equipment, so as to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. In particular, the maintenance of machinery and equipment can not only ensure the good operation of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the machine of sanitary napkins.

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