Adult diaper manufacturing machine How to solve the fault

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In order to use the familiar operation adult diaper manufacturing machine more correctly and safely, reduce equipment failures due to misoperations to ensure that equipment and facilities are in good condition, long-term stability of product quality, ensure normal operation of equipment, and ensure the quality and quantity of produced products. Next, I will introduce to you about the fault problem of adult diaper manufacturing equipment.

 Adult diaper manufacturing machine

1.Adult diaper manufacturing machine Main shaft component failure


Due to the use of speed regulating motor, the structure of adult diaper manufacturing machine spindle box is relatively simple, and the parts that are prone to failure are the automatic tool clamping mechanism and automatic speed regulating device inside the spindle. In order to ensure that the tool holder will not loose in vain during work or power failure, the automatic tool clamping mechanism adopts spring clamping, and is equipped with a travel switch to send a clamping or loosening signal. If the tool cannot be loosened after clamping, consider adjusting the hydraulic cylinder pressure and travel switch device for loosening the tool or adjust the nut on the disc spring to reduce the amount of spring pressing. In addition, the heating of the spindle and the noise of the spindle box cannot be ignored. At this time, the main consideration is to clean the spindle box, adjust the amount of lubricating oil, ensure the cleanliness of the spindle box, replace the spindle bearing, repair or replace the spindle box gear, etc.

 Adult diaper manufacturing equipment

2.Adult diaper manufacturing machine Transmission chain failure


In the adult diaper manufacturing machine transmission system, ball screw pair, hydrostatic screw nut pair, rolling guide, hydrostatic guide and plastic guide are commonly used. Therefore, the failure of the feed transmission chain is mainly reflected in the decline in the quality of motion. Such as: mechanical parts do not move to the specified position, operation is interrupted, positioning accuracy decreases, backlash increases, crawling, bearing noise increases (after a crash), etc. Such failures can be prevented by the following measures:


(1) Improve the transmission accuracy. Adjusting the pre-tightening force of each motion pair, adjusting the loose links, eliminating the transmission gap, shortening the transmission chain and setting reduction gears in the transmission chain can also improve the transmission accuracy.


(2) High transmission rigidity. Adjusting the pre-tightening force of the screw nut pair and supporting parts and reasonably selecting the size of the screw itself are effective measures to improve the transmission rigidity. Insufficient rigidity will also cause the table or carriage to crawl and vibrate and cause reverse dead zone, which affects the accuracy of transmission.


(3) Improve motion accuracy. On the premise of satisfying the strength and stiffness of the parts, the mass of the moving parts should be reduced as much as possible, and the diameter and mass of the rotating parts should be reduced to reduce the inertia of the moving parts and improve the movement accuracy.


(4) Rails. Rolling guides are more sensitive to stolen goods, and must have good protection devices, and the preloading force of rolling guides should be selected properly, too much will increase the traction force significantly. The hydrostatic guide rail should have a set of oil supply system with good filtering effect.

 Adult diaper manufacturing

3.Adult diaper manufacturing machine Failure of automatic tool changer


Adult diaper manufacturing machine The failure of the automatic tool changer is mainly manifested in: the movement of the tool magazine, the positioning error is too large, the robot gripping the tool handle is unstable, and the robot movement error is large. When the fault is serious, the tool change action will be stuck, and the machine will be forced to stop working.

The second is to look at the degree of intelligence of the equipment. The equipment with a high degree of intelligence needs very few places for manual adjustment, because the fewer places the equipment needs to be manually adjusted, the fewer problems will be. The intelligent degree of the machine is mainly reflected in the touch screen. top.


In fact, what I mentioned above is just what everyone needs to pay attention to when preparing to order adult diaper manufacturing machine. The real problem is the equipment. Manufacturers with a professional after-sales team do not need customers to worry about it, because this is the job of after-sales, which can be solved by phone and video. , can't solve the problem for free after-sales personnel. In short, choosing a manufacturer with good after-sales service and reliable quality is to save a lot of unnecessary trouble in production in the future.

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