Diaper and sanitary pad making machine Maintenance technology and current situation analysis

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In the production process, the maintenance and management of diaper and sanitary pad making machine  is the most important issue, and the most critical one is the technical level of maintenance. Once there is a problem with the mechanical equipment, it will not only affect the production period, but also increase the production cost. From this, we can see the importance of mechanical repair and maintenance. However, the mechanical equipment in the production process has a certain service life, so we should prolong its service life as much as possible, have advanced maintenance technology level, and regularly repair the mechanical equipment, so as to effectively extend the service life of diaper and sanitary pad equipment .

Diaper and sanitary pad making machine

1.Diaper and sanitary pad making machine  Maintenance technology

(1) Fixed-point maintenance technology

The rapid development of material science in my country provides a solid foundation for the maintenance of diaper and sanitary pad making machine , so that some polymer materials can be combined with mechanical surface materials with high temperature resistance, low friction and high barrier characteristics, so that the maintenance technology of machinery has been effective. improvement. In addition, some parts of mechanical equipment will have some wear, scratch and corrosion problems, and fixed-point maintenance technology can effectively solve these problems, while strengthening the temperature resistance function of the mechanical surface.


(2) In-situ emergency repair technology

The in-situ repair technology can be aimed at the maintenance technology of mechanical equipment, which has a malfunction or damage during the production process. Generally, this in-situ repair technology is relatively carried out. In order to enable the mechanical equipment to continue to operate, it is necessary to quickly restore its performance.

 Diaper and sanitary pad equipment

2.Diaper and sanitary pad making machine  Status and problems of maintenance

(1) Does not pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of equipment

In the production process of most of the buildings in our country, there are often cases where the construction period is short and insufficient. Therefore, the general production unit ignores the maintenance of mechanical equipment. There are also some that may be simply dealt with during maintenance, and there is no real requirement for the maintenance work to meet the standard.


(2) The professional and technical level of maintenance personnel is low

With the development of my country's social economy, most of the machinery and equipment in the production process are relatively advanced, which also increases the requirements for maintenance technology. However, most equipment maintenance personnel in our country do not fully grasp the new technology, and construction enterprises also There is no training for them, so there is a certain difference in the technical level of maintenance personnel. In the process of maintenance, there is a lack of certain professionalism. have a certain impact on the construction.


(3) Lack of management of machinery and equipment

In the production process, there will be many influencing factors during the use of diaper and sanitary pad making machine , which will cause certain damage to the service life of the mechanical equipment, especially the start-up of the mechanical equipment by the production personnel. If the operation is not correct, it will affect the The practicality of mechanical equipment, but in actual work, the management personnel of the building rarely manage the mechanical equipment, so that the mechanical equipment has serious failures, and it also brings certain difficulties to the maintenance work.

 Diaper and sanitary pad production line

3. Improve the technical level of diaper and sanitary pad making machine  maintenance

For the maintenance and maintenance of diaper and sanitary pad making machine , it is necessary to establish a perfect mechanical maintenance system, which can also effectively improve the maintenance quality of the machinery. However, in the production process, there are many types of machinery involved, and the manufacturing process of each mechanical equipment , materials and the environment in which they are used are different, so their maintenance techniques are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a targeted, scientific and reasonable maintenance system according to the characteristics and actual conditions of mechanical equipment, so as to strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment.


The maintenance work of diaper and sanitary pad making machine  plays a very important role in the whole, so we must pay attention to the maintenance work of the machinery. In actual work, it is necessary to find out the problems of the mechanical equipment in time, so that it can be repaired in time, and effectively avoid the construction progress caused by the equipment stopping operation, especially the mechanical equipment that has been used for a long time. Its repair and maintenance, so that the mechanical equipment can be used normally in the production process.

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