Maintenance and Adjustment of Menstrual Diaper Machine

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In the daily processing process, the factory will use menstrual diaper machine for daily processing operations; At the same time, after processing, workers will carry out necessary maintenance. However, when there is a major problem with the machine, the factory will choose a professional maintenance team, and the team will carry out necessary maintenance and adjustment to the period diaper machine.

 Menstrual diaper machine

1. Menstrual diaper machine is not a single power supply

In order to facilitate the wiring, some repair and transformation personnel set some power supplies on the basis of the original power supply of menstrual diaper machine. The wiring of these power supplies is very different from that of the original power supply, which increases the danger to a certain extent, which not only threatens the lives of the repair and transformation personnel, but also affects the improvement of the economic benefits of the enterprise.


2. The menstrual diaper machine lacks an operating environment

In order for the equipment to work normally, the menstrual diaper machine operates under specific external conditions. During the operation of the equipment, if the external environment changes greatly, the parts of the menstrual diaper machine will be worn, which is very bad for the operation of the equipment. In order to avoid personal injury caused by the equipment, the maintenance personnel shall also install the protective door on the equipment to protect the life of the repair personnel. However, from now on, many enterprises have not improved equipment protection facilities in accordance with relevant rules.

 Period diaper machine

3. Operation specification of menstrual diaper machine

The maintenance of menstrual diaper machine includes: in the transmission process of large and medium-sized mechanical spindle, the transmission based on gear movement shall be adopted. The guide rail of menstrual diaper machine only has technology and is far from enough. Because the function of the electrical cabinet of the equipment is still good after several years of use, it is not recommended to disassemble the electrical cabinet when transforming the equipment. As long as the repair personnel have high specifications and understand the working principle of the equipment. But from now on, the specifications of repair and transformation personnel are relatively thin. They always ignore the rules and still operate according to their daily methods, which is easy to cause equipment accidents.

 Period diaper production line

For large and medium-sized mechanical equipment, we should pay attention to the details and divide them into different degrees of coordinate axes. The maintenance personnel should timely debug the function of menstrual diaper machine and check it clearly and reasonably to avoid other problems.

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