How to maintain and care for menstrual panties machine?

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Menstrual panties machine maintenance is a daily task that must be carried out by the operator to keep the machine in proper operating condition and extend its service life.

Menstrual panties machine

1.Four requirements for the maintenance of menstrual panties machine

(1) neat: tools, workpieces, accessories are placed neatly; safety guards are complete; line piping is complete.

(2) clean: clean inside and outside the equipment; sliding surfaces and screws, gears, racks, etc. no oil, no bruises; no oil leaks, no water leaks, no gas leaks, no electricity leaks in all parts; clean swarf and garbage.

(3) lubrication: oil change on time, oil quality meets the requirements; oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, oil felt, oil line clean and complete, bright oil mark, oil path is smooth.

(4) safety: the implementation of the fixed person and machine and the handover system; familiar with the structure of the equipment and comply with operating procedures, reasonable use of equipment, careful maintenance of equipment, to prevent accidents.

 Menstrual panties equipment

2.Maintenance management content of menstrual panties machine

The maintenance work of menstrual panties equipment can be divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance according to time; general maintenance, regional maintenance and key equipment maintenance according to the maintenance method. Maintenance work content roughly includes; view, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, disassembly and cleaning and repair and replacement of a site management maintenance work.


3.The management standard of oil leakage of menstrual panties machine

(1) oil seepage: oil traces are not obvious, and the one who does not appear within five minutes after the oil traces are wiped clean is oil seepage.

(2) oil leakage: oil traces are obvious, some form oil drops, and oil traces or oil drops appear within five minutes after the oil traces or oil drops are wiped clean is oil leakage.

(3) Oil leakage point: an obvious oil stain or an oil drop is an oil leakage point.

(4) no oil leakage equipment: static bonding surface does not seep oil, dynamic bonding surface does not leak oil, for no oil leakage equipment. 80% of the bonding surface does not leak oil, and the part of the oil leakage within three minutes does not leak more than one drop of oil for the basic no oil leakage equipment.

(5) Serious oil leakage equipment: equipment with one of the following conditions, or an oil leakage point dripping more than three drops of oil a minute, for serious oil leakage equipment.

(6) general oil leakage equipment: where there is oil leakage, but not enough to the above serious oil leakage degree, for general oil leakage equipment.

(7) governance qualified: static bonding surface does not seep oil, dynamic bonding surface (in addition to hand-lubricated guide, screw, light bar, etc. at all moving parts) does not leak oil.

 Menstrual panties production line

To sum up, the maintenance of menstrual panties machine is very important.

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