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Adult Diaper Machine in Brazil

Adult Diaper Machine in Brazil. 

Adult diaper size: S/M/L/XL, Machine Speed: 300PCS/MIN for M size

Product Structure: Middle Thick Pulp Type Product: Legcuff NW., Topsheet NW., ADL, Pad(Lower NW+Anatomic fluff core mixed with SAP+Upper NW), PE film, Laminated NW., Waistband NW, Frontal tape, Side tape(PP tape), Cuff elastic, Leg elastic. During the inspection, M size kept running 30 minute without stopping. Customer was pretty satisfied with our machine's high performance and stability. This customer has European machines, it was the first time to try Chinese machine, and selected HAINA on priority. Through this adult machine's good cooperation, customer is discussing other new projects with HAINA.


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