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As a leading manufacturer of adult diaper making machines in China, we are capable of customizing your machines to meet your specific requirements on products and production. Check out our page to learn more about our adult diaper machines and what we can offer.

Customize Your Adult Diaper Making Machine


Product Style

Each of our adult diaper making machines can produce a different style including I shape or T shape. We have a team of skilled engineers who are always now working on new machine designs for the latest products.

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Product Size

Customize your machines to  make different sizes of adult diapers – medium, large, and exlarge. You can choose a particular size to produce, then a different one for another operation. This can speed up your production and save you labor costs.


Production Speed

The highest production speed our machine can reach an leading level – 350 pcs/min. We can also slow down the speed or set more speed modes as per your request.

Why Work With HAINA

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    Stable Performance

    For both the low-speed mode and high-speed mode, the production performance will be consistent, which can reduce manufacturing waste and save cost.

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    Quality Assurance

    All purchased components are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.

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    Technical Support

    Within a one-year warranty period, Haina will offer free on-site inspection and maintenance to our clients. Please check here for more details.

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