Project Description

Full Servo Baby Pull-ups Production Line(HNJX-LK500)-Haina Machinery

Overall size: 32m*10m*4m(for reference only)
Machine size: 26m*2m*3.5m(based on the product provided by client)
Design speed: 500pcs/min
Stable running speed: 450pcs/min
Rejection rate: ≤4%(excluding scrap caused by hot melt, materials splicing or joints)
Efficiency: 85%
Power source: 380V,50HZ( 3 phase, 4 lines + ground wire)
Machine capacity: 320KW approximately
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine weight: 75 Tons approximately

Product size: 3 sizes(M,L,XL), to be customized by the client requirement.
Control system: PLC programming control, HMI operation, LED Alarm Interface.
Tensile system: Tension unwinding equipped, constant tension control with buffer system, automatic web guide system. The unwinding system ensure raw materials stable working at full speed splice, minimize the impact on materials tension force, to reduce downtimes.
Drive system: Full servo drive, digital size change, ensure run synchronously at full process. Timing belt and flat belt are imported qualified brand. Imported bearing used in key position.
Safety system: Safety guard installed at the operating side, with security identifier, emergency stop switch at per segment, Driven side is equipped with the radiator system and safety pull wire.
Packaging system: Auto stacker to be defined by customer need(dual push dual exit), the stacking quantity:16-36 pcs/pack adjustable.
Materials corrective system: Germany BST automatic web guide system.

Upper & lower tissue( or airlaid)
Cotton core(pulp mixing with sap)
Topsheet hydrophilic nonwoven
ADL(Acquisition distribution layer) nonwoven
Leak cuff hydrophobic nonwoven
Waist laminated nonwoven
Cartoon printing tissue
Waist laminated spandex
Leg spandex & leak cuff spandex
Abandon tape
Hot melt adhesives( Construction & Elastic )
Wetness indicator glue(option)

Pull ups baby diaper machine